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Fashion and design in the heart of Frankfurt.

Beside the Frankfurt Stock Exchange it’s worth making a stop here to meet Kerstin Görling who has made a name for herself as a successful fashion blogger and the owner of Hayashi. At her fashion store, she presents and curates selected collections from both new and established designer labels. All of the team members would love to stay a little longer to talk about new trends or pick out one or two pieces, but the road is calling: a July afternoon, 27 degrees Celsius – a perfect day for open-top driving fun in the Frankfurt area.

Insider tips and exciting places: just as well that Mercedes me/MyGuide knows the best bars, restaurants, designers and stores in the city. On the way there’s just time for a stop at Blaues Wasser on the Main embankment, where Goran Petreski provides a penetrating portrait of this event venue’s history. And then we hop over to Morgen & Studio Rehberger where Tommy Tritsch delivers plenty of behind-the-scenes insights and invites everyone to a meal at the next opportunity as well.