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Amazon has no Nintendo Switch stock for some who pre-ordered

There are many upset folks venting on Reddit regarding the situation between Amazon and the amount of customers that are upset their Nintendo Switch consoles have not yet been shipped. These who pre-ordered Nintendo’s new hybrid console won’t be receiving them on launch date, as promised.

Customers have been getting mixed information regarding what’s going on with the Nintendo Switch stock over at Amazon. Some customers have received their Switch units, just as promised, others ordered them at midnight using Prime Now (Amazon’s same-day delivery service, available in select markets) and have received them this morning. Others have also reported they’ve received their pre-ordered units, as promised.

Still, there were enough upset customers to make an uproar over on Reddit. Some who complained to Amazon were offered a $50 promotional certificate for the trouble. So if you’re in this situation, you might be able to, at the very least, get a (mostly) free game out of all this.

This is what happens when companies make promises that might be stretched too thinly. Many customers have a certain expectation and then become upset when the expectation is not met. Then again, there’s no knowing if Nintendo or Amazon are to blame. Either way, there’s no use crying over whose fault it is. Whoever made the mistake will learn a very expensive lesson.